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Welcome to Leave Timeshare, where we revolutionize the timeshare industry and stand as an advocate for fair play and transparency.

The birth of Leave Timeshare came as a response to the transformation we noticed in the timeshare landscape, particularly during the recession. Once an industry defined by its familial atmosphere and consumer-centric approach, we found that the timeshare sales process had taken a more predatory turn. Disturbingly, we started seeing an uptick in aggressive sales tactics, a proliferation of complaints about distortions, and cases of misleading omissions.

Instead of standing idly by, we decided to step up and be a beacon of change in this industry. Leave Timeshare was launched as an advocacy group, channeling our expertise to assist timeshare owners who felt deceived and exploited. Let us make it clear, we are not ‘timeshare haters’. We have built our careers in the timeshare industry, but what we adamantly stand against are sales tactics that are not grounded in truth, honesty, and the genuine value we aspire to deliver.

Leave Timeshare offers a lifeline to timeshare owners who feel targeted by unfair sales practices or misled by misrepresentations. We established our company with a mission to help customers like you relieve unwanted obligations towards timeshare developers. However, we do require documented evidence of deceit or manipulation during the sales process as we’re determined to build a case for honesty and transparency in the industry.

At Leave Timeshare, we’re passionate about setting right what has gone wrong and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Our commitment to you and to ethical business practices is unwavering. We believe that timeshare ownership should be a joy, not a burden, and we strive every day to make that a reality.

Clients choose Leave Timeshares over other timeshare advocates for several compelling reasons. Our years of industry experience, deep-rooted integrity, and personalized, client-centric approach make us stand out. We offer comprehensive services that cover all aspects of timeshare advocacy

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After working with many companies to upgrade our services and solidify our commitment to advocacy for our clients; Leave Timeshare has decided to not only partner with US Credit Bureau to assist clients in credit services but to bring its personal credit process in-house.
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