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How the Jalisco Cartel Turned Timeshare Scams into Millions

In an alarming trend that highlights the intersection of organized crime and consumer fraud, thousands of Americans have been ensnared in a sophisticated timeshare scam orchestrated by one of Mexico’s most notorious cartel. This elaborate scheme not only preys on the hopes of timeshare owners wishing to sell their properties but also demonstrates the cartel’s diversification into fraud as a lucrative alternative to its infamous drug trafficking operations.

The Trap Set by the Cartel’s Timeshare Scam

The entanglement began with an innocuous phone call in December 2011, when a supposed real estate broker from Mexico reached out to Stephen with an irresistible offer. The offer to buy his Cancún timeshare for $65,000—significantly more than the $47,000 he had initially paid—seemed like a golden opportunity. Stephen’s attachment to his luxurious two-bedroom condo, with its majestic Caribbean view and marble-lined entrance, made the deal even more appealing. Reflecting on those moments, Stephen recalled feeling like royalty, a sentiment that underscored the emotional connection he had with the property and made the scam all the more bitter.

The scam took a sophisticated approach, exploiting not just the financial aspirations of timeshare owners like Stephen but also their emotional ties to their properties. The CJNG‘s operation, rooted in Puerto Vallarta and later spreading its tentacles to prime vacation spots like Cancún and Acapulco, was meticulously organized. The cartel set up an extensive network of call centers, where employees, proficient in English, feigned authenticity and professionalism. These call centers became the front line of the scam, reaching out to timeshare owners across the United States, weaving a convincing narrative of easy exits from unwanted timeshares and lucrative sale opportunities.


Victims were seduced by the promise of resolving their timeshare dilemmas, only to find themselves trapped in a complex scheme that preyed on their vulnerabilities. The initial step in this deceit involved convincing the owner to pay a supposedly mandatory Mexican federal tax to facilitate the sale. This requirement was presented as a standard procedure, a minor hurdle before the substantial payoff. However, this was merely the gateway to an elaborate fraud that would cost Stephen and others like him millions of dollars.

As the scam unfolded, the cartel’s ingenuity in manipulating its victims became evident. The use of call centers equipped with fluent English-speaking staff created an air of legitimacy that was hard to question. For many, especially the elderly who constituted a significant portion of the victims, the prospect of an easy solution to their timeshare woes was overwhelmingly attractive. This vulnerability was precisely what the cartel capitalized on, leading many down a path of financial ruin under the guise of resolving their timeshare issues.

A Scheme Rivaling Drug Trafficking Profits

The enormity of the timeshare scam orchestrated by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) reveals a shocking pivot in the world of organized crime. With losses estimated by the U.S. government to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars, it’s clear that the cartel has found a lucrative alternative to its traditional drug trafficking operations. This shift towards financial fraud, particularly through timeshare scams, highlights the cartel’s ability to exploit new economic territories with astute criminal innovation.

Unlike the overt hazards and operational costs associated with the narcotics trade, the timeshare fraud scheme presents a covert, high-reward, and low-cost opportunity for the cartel. This new venture capitalizes on the vulnerabilities of timeshare owners, offering the illusion of a way out of their financial commitments, only to entrap them further in a web of deceit and financial loss.

The sophistication of the scam, with its intricate use of call centers, impersonation of legal and real estate professionals, and manipulation of banking systems, marks a disturbing advancement in organized crime’s repertoire. Victims, like Stephen and countless others, find themselves caught in a meticulously laid trap, suffering devastating financial losses and emotional turmoil. Beyond the personal devastation, the scam casts a long shadow over the integrity of the timeshare industry and international real estate dealings, eroding public trust and complicating legitimate transactions.

The Path to Justice Remains Uncertain

For those ensnared by the timeshare scam, navigating the aftermath is a daunting challenge. The involvement of Mexican banks in processing fraudulent transactions adds a layer of complexity to any attempt at restitution. The legal entanglements across international borders further muddy the waters, making the pursuit of justice an uphill battle. Moreover, the cartel’s well-documented history of violence and intimidation casts a long shadow over efforts to hold them accountable, deterring victims and investigators alike.

The sanctions imposed by the U.S. Treasury Department on various entities tied to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) signal a concerted effort to curb their financial networks. Similarly, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been active in gathering complaints and pursuing leads related to the timeshare scam, offering a glimmer of hope to those affected. Despite these efforts, the sheer magnitude of the scam, with losses tallying in the millions, underscores the difficulty of bringing the perpetrators to justice. The cartel’s penchant for dissolving and reforming under new guises complicates the task of tracking and dismantling their operations.

The plight of individuals like Stephen, who have suffered immense financial and emotional distress, underscores the pressing need for heightened awareness and preventative measures. It calls for stronger international collaboration among law enforcement agencies to combat the sophisticated tactics employed by the CJNG and similar organizations. Additionally, there is a dire need for comprehensive support mechanisms for victims, providing them with the resources and guidance necessary to navigate the aftermath of the scam.


The Mexican cartel’s foray into timeshare fraud is a stark reminder of the evolving threats posed by organized crime. As victims like Stephen grapple with the fallout of these scams, it becomes imperative for authorities, the financial sector, and the public to join forces in combating this insidious form of exploitation. The fight against the cartel’s timeshare scam is not just about protecting individual investors; it’s about safeguarding the integrity of the global financial system and upholding the rule of law across borders.

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