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Military Families Beware: The Dark Side of Timeshare Investments

In the complex lives of military families, who already navigate the challenges of deployments and the quest for stability, the allure of timeshares as a means to ensure quality family time has emerged as a deceptive pitfall. This narrative gains a personal face through the ordeal of Staff Sgt. Mike Lowe and his wife, Master Sgt. Chivon Lowe, whose return from service led them into the clutches of a timeshare scheme that exploited their desire for family cohesion and relaxation.

The Deceptive Pitch

The return of Mike Lowe from a demanding six-month deployment marked a pivotal moment for the Lowe family. Eager to solidify their bonds and ensure future periods of quality time, the concept of owning a timeshare seemed to present an ideal solution. It promised not just a place to unwind and reconnect, but a symbol of stability and commitment to family unity in the face of military life’s inherent unpredictability. Yet, the approach taken by the timeshare company, specifically Wyndham, was designed to exploit rather than honor the sacrifices of military families.

➤ Strategic Exploitation of Military Vulnerabilities

Wyndham‘s sales representatives, using predatory tactics, specifically targeted the Lowes for their unique vulnerabilities as a military family. They vividly illustrated the uncertainties of military service, including the potential for long periods apart due to future deployments. The representatives cunningly crafted their sales pitch to exploit the Lowes’ fears and emotional vulnerabilities, suggesting that a timeshare investment would guarantee precious family reunions amidst the chaos of military life. This manipulative strategy was not only unscrupulous but also deeply disrespectful to the Lowes’ service and sacrifice.

➤ Hidden Costs and Broken Promises

The Lowes quickly found out that the timeshare’s allure was just a mirage. Wyndham coaxed them into a financial commitment filled with complexities and hidden costs that started to reveal themselves soon after signing the agreement. The contract turned out to be a labyrinth of fine print, designed to ensnare the unwary buyer with a web of escalating fees, from maintenance charges to special assessment fees, contributing to a financial burden far beyond the initial estimates.

Moreover, Wyndham‘s promises rapidly fell apart. The company soon informed the Lowes that the program they had enrolled in had changed, making their timeshare practically unusable under the agreed terms. Wyndham then offered a “new” plan that not only failed to fulfill the original promises but also came with an even larger price tag. This bait-and-switch tactic made the Lowes feel betrayed and financially stranded, turning an investment meant to secure their family’s happiness into a source of significant stress and regret.

The culmination of these deceptive practices and broken promises was a staggering financial loss for the Lowe family, approximating $20,000. This sum represents not just a monetary figure but a betrayal of trust and the loss of hard-earned savings meant for the well-being and future of a family that had already sacrificed so much. The benefits and joys that were supposed to be secured through the timeshare remained elusive, leaving the Lowes to grapple with the harsh reality of their situation.

The Broader Issue at Hand

The troubling ordeal faced by the Lowe family is far from an isolated incident. It is, distressingly, a reflection of widespread predatory practices within the timeshare industry, particularly pronounced in Florida, a hotspot for timeshare developments. Lee Hinkle, a vocal advocate for consumer rights, has brought attention to this escalating issue, underlining the need for a comprehensive approach to combat the manipulative sales tactics that have ensnared numerous families like the Lowes.

➤ Florida’s Timeshare Industry

Florida’s allure as a prime vacation destination has made it fertile ground for timeshare companies. However, the aggressive sales techniques employed by some of these entities have raised significant concerns. These companies often exploit the state’s tourism-driven economy, leveraging Florida’s reputation as a family-friendly destination to market timeshares as essential investments for creating lasting family memories. This narrative, while appealing, masks the complex, often unfavorable terms embedded in timeshare contracts, leading many to commit to financially burdensome agreements without fully understanding the implications.

➤ FACT’s Response to the Crisis

In response to the growing outcry from affected families and individuals, the Florida Alliance for Consumer and Taxpayers (FACT) has taken a proactive stance. Recognizing the depth of the problem, FACT launched a public education campaign aimed at equipping consumers with the critical knowledge and tools needed to navigate the treacherous waters of timeshare investment. This initiative is not just about spreading awareness but also about fostering a culture of informed decision-making among consumers, empowering them to resist high-pressure sales tactics and recognize the long-term ramifications of a timeshare commitment.

➤ The Objective: Education and Empowerment

FACT‘s campaign is multifaceted, targeting various aspects of consumer vulnerability and misinformation. By disseminating detailed information about the common pitfalls of timeshare agreements, including hidden fees, the difficulty of resale, and the often misleading portrayal of investment value, FACT aims to build a more savvy consumer base. Workshops, informational brochures, and online resources are just a few of the tools being used to achieve this goal. Furthermore, FACT is advocating for stronger consumer protection laws and regulations to curb the exploitative practices of the timeshare industry, seeking to create a safer, more transparent market for potential buyers.

➤ The Impact of Aggressive Timeshare Sales

The aggressive sales tactics of the timeshare industry not only undermine the financial stability of families but also erode the trust between consumers and legitimate vacation ownership opportunities. The psychological pressure applied during sales presentations, combined with the complexity of timeshare contracts, leaves many feeling trapped and misled. This has broader implications for Florida’s economy and its reputation as a tourist destination, with potential long-term effects on consumer confidence and the state’s tourism industry.

The situation underscores a critical need for action on multiple fronts: consumer education, legal reform, and industry accountability. As Florida strives to rebound from economic challenges and restore normalcy for its residents, addressing the predatory practices of the timeshare industry is imperative. The efforts of FACT, alongside the voices of affected individuals and families, represent a crucial step forward in this ongoing battle for fairness, transparency, and consumer rights.

The Emotional and Financial Toll

The impact of the timeshare debacle on the Lowes was both deep and wide-ranging. Beyond the immediate financial strain, the stress of dealing with the timeshare’s consequences took a toll on their marriage and posed a risk to their military careers. The threat of bad credit loomed large, endangering their security clearance and, by extension, their livelihood. The realization that their children could inherit this burden added a poignant layer of despair to their situation.


Fortunately, the Lowes found a way out through legal avenues and relentless advocacy for themselves, but not without significant emotional and financial scars. Their advice to others considering timeshare offers is unequivocal: “Don’t do it.” This story not only serves as a warning to individuals enticed by the promise of timeshares but also calls for a collective effort to safeguard against such predatory financial schemes. As we advocate for consumer rights and financial literacy, let the Lowe family’s experience be a guiding beacon for military families and all potential timeshare buyers, emphasizing the importance of diligence, skepticism, and the pursuit of genuine financial security.

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