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Timeshare Cancellation: How Ralph Marble Won His Freedom

In the labyrinthine world of vacation ownership, timeshare contracts can sometimes transform from dream vacations into inescapable financial burdens. Such was the case for Ralph Marble, who found himself ensnared by a timeshare agreement with Diamond Resorts International. Marble’s story, as investigated by News 6’s Eryka Washington, sheds light on the darker facets of timeshare ownership and offers valuable insights into how consumers can protect themselves against similar predicaments.

Ralph Marble’s Unforeseen Dilemma

Ralph Marble’s situation sheds light on a distressing scenario that many timeshare owners might face, particularly when unforeseen circumstances alter their ability to enjoy their investment. Committing to a timeshare in 2005, Marble envisioned it as a gateway to leisure and relaxation. However, a subsequent medical diagnosis drastically changed his outlook on travel, transforming the timeshare from an asset into a source of anxiety and financial strain. His health concerns made the idea of traveling not just unappealing but potentially risky, leading him to the rational decision to try and exit his timeshare agreement.

Marble’s attempts to break away from Diamond Resorts International underscore the difficulties timeshare owners frequently face when life’s uncertainties meet the inflexibility of timeshare contracts. Despite his efforts to convey his situation and the reasonable belief that his medical condition would warrant a contract termination, he encountered no relief. The resort’s firm decision to keep him bound to the agreement reveals a stark truth: timeshare contracts are created to be unyielding and fixed, often without considering exceptional situations that could hinder an owner’s usage of the property.

The escalating maintenance fees that Marble faced are indicative of another critical issue within the timeshare industry—the increasing financial burden placed on owners. What started as an ostensibly affordable $200 yearly fee had more than tripled over the years, with his most recent bill demanding $684. This significant increase not only underscores the financial implications of such agreements but also the feeling of powerlessness that can come with them. For Marble, and many like him, the timeshare ceased to be a luxury and became a liability, a relentless drain on resources for a service he could not and did not want to use.

The Timeshare Trap

The concept of a “Timeshare Trap” vividly encapsulates the dilemma many consumers face after investing in timeshare properties. Ralph Marble’s unfortunate experience serves as a poignant case study of the broader challenges that pervade the timeshare industry. As highlighted by Michael Finn, a seasoned attorney with the Finn Law Group specializing in timeshare cases, the structural and contractual issues within the timeshare market often disadvantage consumers significantly.

➤ Contractual Disadvantages for Consumers

Finn points out that timeshare contracts are typically designed with the interests of the developers in mind, prioritizing their financial gains over the flexibility and needs of the consumers. These contracts are often presented as lifetime commitments, locking buyers into long-term financial obligations that are difficult to alter or escape. The rigid nature of these agreements fails to account for life’s unpredictability, such as changes in health, financial status, or personal preferences, which might later render the timeshare unsuitable or burdensome for the owner.

➤ High-Pressure Sales Tactics

Aggressive sales tactics from timeshare companies compound the problem of one-sided contracts. These companies often lure prospective buyers with the promise of a free vacation or exclusive tour, only to subject them to hours of persuasive pitches in high-pressure sales presentations. These sessions aim to create a sense of urgency, pushing attendees to make hasty decisions without properly considering the long-term consequences. Consequently, many people end up purchasing timeshares that feel more like impositions than thoughtfully chosen investments.

➤ Resale Market Realities

Another critical aspect of the timeshare trap is the stark reality of the resale market. Finn underscores the difficulty timeshare owners face when attempting to sell or relinquish their properties. Contrary to the appealing liquidity and value propositions often pitched by salespeople, the actual demand for second-hand timeshares is minimal, rendering many properties effectively worthless on the open market. This discrepancy between expectation and reality leaves many owners stranded with an asset they can neither use nor sell, accompanied by escalating maintenance fees and the ongoing cost of ownership.

Seeking Solutions

The successful resolution of Ralph Marble’s long-standing issue with his timeshare contract, thanks to the intervention by News 6, sheds light on potential paths that others in similar predicaments might pursue to seek relief. The reaction from Diamond Resorts International, which pointed to its upcoming Transitions program, indicates a shift within the timeshare industry towards offering more leniency and options for those seeking to end their timeshare obligations. This move represents a significant step in addressing the rigid nature of timeshare contracts that have historically bound owners to lifetime commitments, often without feasible exits.

For timeshare owners contemplating contract cancellation, a multifaceted approach is advisable. Direct communication with the timeshare company should be the first step, as some companies, recognizing the evolving needs and circumstances of their clients, are beginning to implement programs designed to facilitate contract termination. These initiatives, akin to the Transitions program mentioned by Diamond Resorts, may offer a straightforward path to relinquishing ownership without the need for external assistance.

Should direct negotiation prove unfruitful, enlisting the services of a legal professional becomes a viable next step. Opting for an attorney who specializes in timeshare cancellations and offers a flat-rate fee can mitigate additional financial burdens. Legal experts in this niche are familiar with the intricacies of timeshare contracts and can navigate the complex legal landscape to advocate effectively on behalf of their clients. Furthermore, specific legal protections are in place for senior citizens in Florida, which can offer additional avenues for relief. These statutes provide safeguards and potential exit strategies for older timeshare owners, recognizing the unique challenges they may face in maintaining their timeshare commitments.


Ralph Marble’s journey through the complexities of timeshare cancellation serves as a stark reminder of the importance of due diligence before entering such agreements. It underscores the need for consumers to approach timeshare purchases with caution, fully aware of the long-term commitments they entail and the potential challenges in altering those commitments. While the timeshare industry offers the allure of luxurious vacations, the reality of ownership can sometimes diverge from this idyllic promise. Armed with knowledge and the right resources, however, individuals can navigate these waters more safely, ensuring that their vacation dreams don’t devolve into financial nightmares.

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