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From Booking to Fraud: Inside the $8.5M Airbnb-Vrbo Scam

A startling discovery has rocked the digital marketplace, federal prosecutors in California indicted Shray Goel and Shaunik Raheja for orchestrating a vast scam on popular vacation rental platforms Airbnb and Vrbo. The prosecutors allege that the two individuals orchestrated a sophisticated fraud scheme, accumulating over $8.5 million through countless fraudulent bookings across the United States.

The Scheme Unraveled

At the heart of the legal action are Shray Goel, 35, from Miami, and Shaunik Raheja, 34, from Denver. These individuals stand accused in a scheme known as a “double-booking, bait-and-switch scam,” which ensnared over 10,000 reservations across properties in 10 states. Operating under the guise of their business entity, Abbot Pacific LLC, they leveraged the platforms and trust of Airbnb and Vrbo to facilitate their fraudulent activities. The indictment against them encompasses charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud alongside 13 specific counts of wire fraud, further compounded for Goel with charges of aggravated identity theft.

Goel and Raheja masterminded a scam using the digital platforms of well-known vacation rental websites, tricking renters who were unaware of their scheme. They twisted the online booking systems to present what seemed like legitimate rental deals, only to swap or cancel them at the last moment, often giving fake reasons. The exposure of their scam has revealed their deceitful methods and pointed out the weaknesses in online rental platforms that malicious individuals can exploit. As the court case progresses, the depth of their fraud and its effects on victims and the vacation rental industry as a whole are under examination.

Operation and Impact

By 2019, Shray Goel, Shaunik Raheja, and their team had taken over about 100 rental properties across the United States. They used these properties for a scam, making roughly $7 million from almost 10,000 Airbnb bookings and another $1.5 million through Vrbo. They manipulated the booking platforms by listing the same property multiple times at varying prices. This strategy created a hidden competition among guests. The highest bidder got the property, while those who paid less were either canceled or relocated to worse accommodations under false pretenses, such as non-existent plumbing issues.

The operation’s nefarious nature extended beyond simple fraud, venturing into the realm of discrimination. The indictment specifically calls out Goel and Raheja for a pattern of racial bias, alleging that they deliberately chose not to rent to individuals they perceived as Black. This aspect of their scheme not only underscores the financial fraud perpetrated against guests but also casts a light on the morally reprehensible practice of racial discrimination, further amplifying the negative impact of their actions.

This operation’s consequences have been far-reaching, impacting thousands of unsuspecting guests caught in the scam. Many had to urgently find other places to stay, often last-minute and in unknown areas. The scam’s fallout has damaged the reputation of the properties involved and possibly eroded trust in Airbnb and Vrbo, platforms that depend on the honesty and reliability of their hosts and listings. This case sheds light on not just the financial exploitation but also the deep-seated discriminatory practices embedded in Goel and Raheja’s scheme.

Legal and Industry Repercussions 

The apprehension of Goel in Florida, alongside the continued search for Raheja, underscores the grave legal implications for those misusing online platforms for fraud. Their upcoming arraignment in federal court in Los Angeles brings to light the complex challenge of maintaining integrity and safety in the online sharing economy. U.S. Attorney Martin Estrada has criticized the scheme for its financial harm and ethical violations, particularly its discriminatory practices against certain guests based on race.

In response to these allegations, Airbnb has expressed its commitment to maintaining a trust-based community. Moreover, it has highlighted the steps taken to strengthen its security measures aimed at preventing such fraud. The industry eagerly awaits Vrbo‘s response to this incident, reflecting the sector’s collective dedication to combatting exploitation. This case serves as a significant warning about the potential for abuse within digital marketplaces. It underscores the continuous need for both companies and consumers to stay alert and protect against fraud.


The indictment of Goel and Raheja marks a crucial turning point for both the vacation rental industry and the broader digital marketplace. It prompts a collective reassessment of security protocols and ethical guidelines, aiming to shield users from fraud and uphold the trust and integrity essential to the sharing economy. Furthermore, as this legal case progresses, it is poised to set new precedents in tackling digital fraud and discrimination, thereby paving the way for a safer and fairer digital marketplace.

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