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Timeshare Legals Limited: High Court Closes Rogue Timeshare Exit Firm

In April, 2024, the Insolvency Service announced the shutdown of Timeshare Legals Limited, an unregulated timeshare exit company. The closure came after extensive investigations revealed the company’s deceitful practices, which misled hundreds of clients into paying significant upfront fees for unsubstantiated claims. The High Court in London ordered the winding-up of the company in the public interest, exposing severe misconduct and a lack of transparency in its operations.

The Rise and Fall of Timeshare Legals Limited

Founded in October 2018, Timeshare Legals Limited entered the market with a promise to help individuals exit their timeshare contracts and pursue claims for mis-sold agreements. The company positioned itself as a savior for timeshare owners, particularly targeting those with properties in Tenerife, a popular timeshare destination. Marketing their services as a solution to an increasingly problematic issue, Timeshare Legals quickly attracted attention and clientele.

The company’s business model involved charging clients an upfront fee, typically around £5,000, along with a percentage of any recoveries made. This approach was appealing to many timeshare owners desperate to escape burdensome contracts and potentially recoup losses from mis-sold agreements. Timeshare Legals‘ representatives assured clients of the strength and validity of their claims, creating an impression of a high success rate and legal backing.


However, these assurances were largely unfounded. The company’s sales tactics relied on presenting an overly optimistic view of the claims’ likelihood of success. Clients were convinced to pay substantial fees upfront, often based on false promises about the strength of their cases. This practice was particularly egregious as many of the claims had no realistic chance of being successful. The lack of a thorough legal review before taking fees meant that clients were investing significant sums of money into futile endeavors.

As Timeshare Legals expanded, so did the number of dissatisfied clients. Initially, many clients were hopeful and willing to pay the upfront fees in exchange for what they believed was expert legal assistance. However, as time passed and claims did not progress or result in favorable outcomes, the reality of the situation became apparent. The company’s failure to deliver on its promises led to widespread financial loss and frustration among its clientele.

Investigative Findings

The escalating complaints and financial discrepancies eventually drew the attention of the Insolvency Service and the investigation uncovered several troubling aspects of Timeshare Legals Limited‘s operations:

➤ False Assurances

Timeshare Legals Limited misled clients into paying upfront fees based on misleading information about the viability of their claims. The company charged many clients, whose claims had no realistic chance of success, before conducting any proper legal review. Despite lacking any legal basis, the company assured clients that their claims were strong and highly likely to succeed. This unethical practice resulted in numerous clients being financially exploited, paying significant sums for services that ultimately had little to no chance of delivering the promised outcomes.

➤ Lack of Legal Engagement

The company often neglected to involve qualified lawyers in properly assessing the claims. Many of the pursued claims lacked jurisdiction in Spain, as required, or pertained to timeshare contracts that had already been canceled or relinquished, making litigation impossible. Additionally, Timeshare Legals Limited failed to ensure that legal professionals reviewed the claims before collecting upfront fees. This lack of due diligence frequently misled clients about the legitimacy and potential success of their claims, leading to wasted time and resources.

➤ Financial Mismanagement

Timeshare Legals Limited significantly mismanaged finances. The investigation uncovered that the company transferred over £900,000 to unknown accounts without clear justification. Furthermore, client funds were transferred to a Spanish entity, Timeshare Legals SL, sharing the same director as the UK company. This lack of transparency raised concerns about the proper use and allocation of client funds. The company’s inability to account for these funds indicated serious financial irregularities and potential misconduct.

➤ Cold-Calling and Pressure Tactics

Timeshare Legals Limited aggressively employed cold-calling techniques to solicit clients. The company often contacted potential clients unsolicited, pressuring them to make quick decisions. Additionally, the company encouraged clients to waive their 14-day cooling-off period, a protective measure allowing consumers to reconsider decisions after signing a contract. This waiver prematurely locked clients into contracts, limiting their ability to withdraw if they later had second thoughts or discovered unfavorable terms. These high-pressure sales tactics further exemplified the company’s unethical business practices.

Legal Actions and Public Interest

The High Court decided to wind up Timeshare Legals Limited due to the severe financial harm the company inflicted on clients and its failure to cooperate with the investigation. This decision, taken to protect the public from further exploitation, was based on compelling evidence that Timeshare Legals Limited had engaged in fraudulent and deceptive practices, significantly impacting clients’ financial well-being. Mark George, Chief Investigator at the Insolvency Service, emphasized the company’s blatant disregard for proper record-keeping, which severely hindered clients’ prospects of recovering their money. The inadequate financial records made it nearly impossible for investigators to track the flow of funds and determine the legitimacy of the company’s transactions. This lack of transparency was a key factor in shutting down the business.


The Insolvency Service maintains its commitment to protect the public interest by shutting down rogue businesses that cause financial harm. This case serves as a stark reminder that businesses operating dishonestly and fraudulently will face accountability. The Insolvency Service’s proactive approach aims to safeguard consumers and prevent similar entities from operating unchecked. The appointment of the Official Receiver as liquidator of Timeshare Legals Limited represents a critical step in addressing the financial harm suffered by clients. The Official Receiver will oversee the liquidation process, striving to recover as much of the lost funds as possible and distribute them to affected clients. Clients seeking updates on their claims should contact the Official Receiver’s office for further information.


The closure of Timeshare Legals Limited serves as a cautionary tale for consumers and underscores the importance of due diligence when seeking legal assistance for timeshare exit claims. The Insolvency Service‘s decisive action protects the public from further exploitation by unscrupulous companies. Clients affected by Timeshare Legals Limited‘s misconduct are urged to contact the Official Receiver for further inquiries.

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