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The Timeshare Trap: A Marysville Couple’s Financial Nightmare

In a striking and alarming example, the ordeal faced by a Marysville couple in the timeshare industry serves as a sobering and eye-opening reminder of its potential perils. Specifically, Olufemi Adepoju and his wife’s encounter with a timeshare presentation during their Las Vegas vacation vividly illustrates how an offer that initially appears attractive can rapidly spiral into a financial nightmare. Moreover, this story, as meticulously reported by Jesse Jones, casts a revealing light on the darker aspects of timeshare deals. It exposes not only the high-pressure tactics employed but also delves into the often convoluted and predatory nature of these agreements, underscoring the need for caution and awareness in such situations.

The Dream Vacation Turns Into a Nightmare

The experience of Olufemi Adepoju and his wife with Westgate Resorts began in 2018, a year that would prove to be pivotal in their lives. The couple, looking to make the most of their Las Vegas vacation, found themselves attending a timeshare presentation, lured by the promise of an enjoyable and insightful session. What was initially advertised as a brief, 90-minute presentation quickly unraveled into a much more prolonged and intense experience.

As the hours ticked by, the presentation transformed into a 7-hour long ordeal. The Adepojus were subjected to an onslaught of high-pressure sales tactics, a common strategy employed in the timeshare industry to secure commitments from potential clients. The sales team at Westgate Resorts employed a range of persuasive techniques, from showcasing glamorous images of vacation spots to presenting seemingly irresistible offers and benefits that the timeshare would bring.


During this prolonged session, the couple was dazzled by promises of exclusive access to sought-after vacation destinations in California and Florida. These destinations, portrayed as paradises within reach, played a significant role in swaying their decision. The allure of having a holiday haven in such desirable locations was compelling, painting a picture of endless vacations filled with relaxation and luxury.

However, beneath the surface of these attractive propositions lay the complexities and commitments of a timeshare contract. The Adepojus, caught up in the moment and under the immense pressure of the persistent sales pitch, eventually succumbed to the persuasive tactics. They signed the contract, perhaps not fully grasping the long-term implications of their decision or the potential challenges in utilizing the timeshare.


The dream of idyllic vacations in picturesque locations was powerful and convincing. Yet, the reality of the situation was far removed from the rosy picture painted during the sales pitch. The couple soon found themselves entangled in a web of contractual obligations and unmet expectations, a far cry from the carefree vacationing experience they had envisioned.

The Harsh Reality of the Timeshare Deal

The reality of their situation became apparent soon after. The timeshare, which was supposed to be a gateway to relaxing vacations, turned out to be a source of constant frustration. The Adepojus faced repeated hurdles when trying to book their timeshare, encountering a series of excuses for why the accommodations were never available. This difficulty in utilizing their timeshare, coupled with the hefty price tag of nearly $20,000, began to weigh heavily on them.

Legal Tangles and Corporate Complexities

Seeking a way out, the couple enlisted the help of attorney Nick Price. However, unraveling the contract with Westgate Resorts proved to be a daunting task. The complex and opaque corporate structure of the timeshare company posed significant challenges even for an experienced legal professional. Efforts to cancel the contract seemed futile, illustrating the intricate and often deceptive nature of such agreements.

Insights from the Better Business Bureau

Despite having an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Westgate Resorts has had its fair share of customer complaints. The BBB’s Holly Salmons stressed the importance of consumer vigilance, especially in high-pressure sales environments. She advised that potential buyers should take a step back, avoid rush decisions, and be mindful of the limited timeframe for contract recession, which in Nevada is only five days.

A Crushing Financial Blow

The financial repercussions for the Adepojus were not only severe but also deeply impactful. Initially, Olufemi witnessed his credit score take a dramatic plunge, descending from an excellent 850 to a distressingly low 660. This significant drop serves as a stark indicator of the financial strain they endured. Furthermore, the analogy Olufemi draws, likening his situation to being burdened with a defective car, poignantly underscores the profound sense of betrayal and helplessness they experienced. Consequently, what was once a dream of idyllic vacations transformed into an ongoing financial burden, leaving them with little hope for recourse and mired in a challenging situation.

Westgate’s Response and Ongoing Struggle

In the wake of Olufemi Adepoju and his wife’s escalating troubles with their timeshare deal, Westgate Resorts remained steadfast in their stance. The company’s response to the situation was to firmly uphold the legality and binding nature of the contract signed by the couple. Westgate contested any claims of negligence or failure in fulfilling the reservation requests made by the Adepojus. This unwavering position by the resort company further entrenched the couple in a difficult predicament, leaving them grappling with not just a seemingly unresolvable contractual dispute but also the mounting financial and emotional toll it took on their lives.

The situation grew increasingly complex as Westgate‘s response seemed to dismiss the couple’s grievances. The resort’s insistence on the validity of the contract effectively denied the Adepojus any straightforward path to resolution. This response, lacking in acknowledging the couple’s struggles with booking their timeshare and the subsequent financial strain, highlights a common criticism faced by the timeshare industry: a perceived indifference to customer difficulties post-purchase.


As the couple’s plight continued, their credit score, a critical aspect of their financial health, suffered a significant blow. From a high of 850, indicative of excellent creditworthiness, Olufemi’s score plummeted to 660, a stark representation of the financial impact of the unresolved timeshare deal. This decline in credit score not only reflected the immediate financial burden but also posed potential long-term consequences on their ability to secure loans or access favorable financial terms in the future.

Amidst this ongoing struggle, the case attracted the attention of the Attorney General’s office. The involvement of this higher authority brought a glimmer of hope to the beleaguered couple. However, the complexity of the case, combined with the firm stance taken by Westgate Resorts, meant that a quick and easy resolution was unlikely. The couple found themselves in a state of limbo, caught between the rigidity of a legal contract and the pursuit of justice and fairness in what they perceived to be an exploitative agreement.


The distressing experience of Olufemi Adepoju and his wife stands as a powerful testament to the risks inherent in timeshare purchases. Their story unfolds as a cautionary tale, highlighting the deceptive allure of vacation deals that seem too good to be true. Consequently, this narrative underscores the critical importance of consumer awareness and caution. Furthermore, it serves as a stark warning to others who might find themselves similarly tempted by the alluring promises of timeshare sales pitches. This cautionary example emphasizes the need for potential buyers to tread carefully and thoughtfully in the complex and often misleading realm of vacation ownership.

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