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Timeshares arguably offer a handful of disadvantages, making it a relatively unsuitable option for most persons seeking the best place to stay during their vacation. Thankfully, there are a few alternatives you can consider. Also, if you are considering getting rid of your timeshare agreements, continue reading this article to discover better timeshare alternatives.

Firstly, Why Consider Timeshare Alternatives?

It is no longer news that timeshares offer fake promises plus predatory practices. Save for the fact that they are extremely binding and expensive, you also must pay for the timeshare accompanying fees regardless if you are using the space or otherwise. Several other better choices still offer premium flexibility, a trustworthy experience, and a better pricing system.
Without any further ado, let us explore the top timeshare alternatives you should consider.

Top Alternative to Timeshare Ownership

  • Renting or buying vacation homes

First on our list of alternatives to timeshare ownership is buying or renting a vacation home. Apart from being a more trustworthy option, it offers homeowners stronger control over their properties, making them have more control over the type of home and location. However, research is vital for this timeshare alternative to get the best size for you and your family.
Another advantage vacation home buying or renting has over timeshare purchase is the elimination of permanent residence.

Other enjoyable benefits of buying or renting a vacation home include:

  1. The ability to use your vacation home anytime
  2. The feeling of having a personal vacation home.
  3. You can easily rent your vacation home to others.
  4. It is also easy to sell your vacation home than it is to sell your timeshares.
  • Airbnb

Airbnb is one such famous website for vacation rentals. Airbnb offers the ability to explore short-term lodging spaces using various filters, including amenities, location, services offered, and even the number of beds available. It also allows home seekers to explore accommodation pictures, read reviews from past lodgers, etc.

This option also allows intending lodgers to have protection over their visit, access to both short-term or long-term lodging, and others. However, this largely depends on your choice of site. You can also use Airbnb to source accommodations, especially if you are on a strict budget. Technically, Airbnb has something for all categories of travelers. It is an excellent alternative to timeshare ownerships!

  • Resort Rentals

The third on our list of timeshare alternatives is resort rental. This is an excellent option for persons simply seeking more than a sleeping space. Resorts include entertainment, experiences, and stricter privacy. Technically, resorts offer a complete vacation experience, involving planning and maximum explorations.

Although resorts offer very similar vacation experiences to timeshares, they offer lesser fees and a relatively limited schedule. Resorts also offer both shorter and longer stays for travelers. Besides, unlike timeshares, you do not need to travel to the same destinations yearly when you travel using resort rental.

  • Travel Deals

This is the final alternative on our list of excellent timeshare alternatives you should consider for your next vacation. Travel deals are a cheaper way to enjoy vacations, ranging from your flights to accommodation. Technically, the major advantage travel deals have over a timeshare is its cheaper approach to traveling. However, this depends on the type of travel deals you can seal.

Travel deals you should consider includes:

  1. Seek hostel discounts.
  2. Travel off-season.
  3. Explore club store membership discount.
  4. Traveling in groups.
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