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Wyndham Timeshare Lawsuit: Deceptive Marketing Allegations

Since its inception in 2020, a class action lawsuit has brought to light significant allegations against Wyndham Vacation Resorts Inc., accusing the company of engaging in deceptive marketing practices and unfairly profiting at the expense of timeshare owners. Plaintiffs Carolyn Nolen, Windy Kelley, Cara Kelley, Paula Litton, and others assert that Wyndham’s business strategies exploit customers by mandating the assignment of timeshare interests to a trust controlled by the company. This trust, known as Club Wyndham Plus under the Fairshare Trust, is alleged to operate primarily to Wyndham’s advantage, raising critical concerns about its impact on the financial interests of timeshare holders.

Allegations of Misrepresentation and Financial Control

The class action lawsuit has shed light on serious allegations regarding Wyndham’s business practices. Central to the lawsuit’s claims is the accusation that Wyndham employs deceptive marketing tactics and utilizes its management of timeshare interests to achieve unfair financial gains. Plaintiffs such as Carolyn Nolen, Windy Kelley, Cara Kelley, and Paula Litton argue that Wyndham’s approach effectively exploits customers by compelling them to transfer their timeshare interests into the Club Wyndham Plus trust, administered under the Fairshare Trust.

A core contention of the plaintiffs is that Wyndham has not adequately disclosed the full scope and nature of its control over the Fairshare Trust to timeshare purchasers. The Fairshare Vacation Owners Association, ostensibly established to protect the interests of timeshare owners, is alleged to be wholly controlled by Wyndham. This control allegedly enables Wyndham to derive direct financial benefits from the trust, a practice that the plaintiffs assert violates Arkansas state laws governing trust administration.

Violations of Trust and Fiduciary Duty

Furthermore, the lawsuit underscores serious allegations that Wyndham’s management of the Fairshare Trust constitutes a breach of fiduciary duties owed to timeshare owners under the Arkansas Trust Code. Fiduciary duty imposes a strict obligation on trustees to administer trusts exclusively in the best interests of beneficiaries. However, according to the plaintiffs, Wyndham has allegedly prioritized its own financial interests over those of timeshare holders through its control over the Fairshare Trust.

Central to the plaintiffs’ arguments is the assertion that Wyndham‘s influence over the Fairshare Trust allows the company to derive direct financial benefits. Consequently, the plaintiffs contend that this contravenes the fundamental principles of fiduciary responsibility. Moreover, this alleged breach is exacerbated by the claim that Wyndham-appointed executives and employees possess unilateral authority to modify trust terms. Consequently, the plaintiffs argue that such modifications could potentially disadvantage timeshare owners by altering the terms of their contractual obligations or financial commitments without their consent or best interests in mind.

Financial Implications and Consumer Impact

In addition to the fiduciary concerns raised in the lawsuit, there are significant financial implications that impact timeshare owners involved with Wyndham Vacation Resorts Inc. The plaintiffs assert that Wyndham imposes various fees on timeshare holders under the guise of covering the administration and operational costs associated with the Fairshare Trust. These fees, according to the allegations, are purportedly meant to ensure the smooth management and operation of the trust that ostensibly safeguards timeshare owners’ interests.

However, the crux of the plaintiffs’ argument lies in the contention that these fees predominantly serve Wyndham‘s own financial interests rather than benefiting the timeshare holders themselves. The plaintiffs allege that these fees facilitate an unjust enrichment scheme, where Wyndham enriches itself financially at the expense of its customers. They accuse Wyndham of imposing fees that surpass the reasonable costs of trust administration and operation, perpetuating an inequitable financial arrangement that unfairly burdens timeshare owners without providing corresponding benefits or improvements in service quality.

Moreover, the plaintiffs suggest that these financial impositions exacerbate the overall financial strain experienced by timeshare owners, compounding their grievances against Wyndham‘s practices. This aspect of the lawsuit underscores broader implications for consumer protection and fairness within the timeshare industry, emphasizing the need for transparent and ethical practices in financial dealings between companies like Wyndham and their clientele.


As the ongoing class action lawsuit against Wyndham Vacation Resorts Inc. continues through appeals since its initiation in 2020, it represents a crucial examination of the company’s timeshare practices. Allegations of deceptive marketing, financial exploitation through trust control, and breaches of fiduciary duty have sparked legal scrutiny that could potentially redefine industry standards. The outcomes of this case, evolving in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, carry implications not only for Wyndham but also for the broader timeshare sector. This legal action underscores the critical need for transparency and robust consumer protections in safeguarding the interests of timeshare owners. For affected parties and consumers alike, vigilance and informed decision-making remain essential when navigating the complexities of timeshare agreements.

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