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HOW TO DETERMINE THE CURRENT VALUE OF YOUR TIMESHARE: Timeshares play a somewhat significant role in vacationing all over the world. An option often preferred mainly by Baby Boomers. The stability, reliability, and predictability of timeshare properties remain some of its biggest advantages over other vacation options such as Airbnb.

However, admirers of the timeshare option often face a particular challenge regarding knowing the proper valuation of their timeshare. This has made some prospective timeshare buyers think twice about purchasing a timeshare real estate. Those who already own timeshares could cause them to lose good money when trying to sell their timeshare.

Several factors can come into play when determining how much your timeshare is worth in the current market. Whether you already own a timeshare real estate or you’re planning to invest in the model, this post will outline these factors and show you exactly how to determine the current value of your timeshare.

Top Ways to Determine the Current Value of Your Timeshare

  1. Location: The location of your timeshare property or resort is key in determining its value. If the location is popular with tourists, the timeshare’s value will be higher.
  2. Season: If your timeshare is for a specific season, its value will depend on that season. Timeshares in holiday seasons generally have more demand and thus, higher value.
  3. Location Inside the Location: The specific location of the timeshare within the resort also affects its value. For example, a timeshare property with an ocean view may not be as valuable as one located directly on the oceanfront.
  4. Resort Affiliation: If your resort or property is associated with a well-known hospitality brand, this can increase your timeshare’s value. The specific brand it’s affiliated with can also affect its worth.
  5. Timeshare Exchange Value: You should check with an exchange company to understand the trading power of your ownership interval on the exchange market. This can provide valuable insight into your timeshare’s current value.
  6. Timeshare Ownership Type and Duration: The type and duration of your timeshare ownership also play a role in its value. Timeshares operating on a fixed, flexible, or floating schedule, or those offering weekly, monthly, or annual durations, will have different values.
  7. Unit Size: The size of your timeshare unit can affect its value. The average timeshare unit size is 2-bedrooms, according to ARDA. If your unit is larger, this can increase its value, depending on other factors.
  8. Amenities: Finally, the amenities offered by your timeshare can impact its value. Vacationers often prefer timeshares to other options like Airbnb because of the comfort and amenities they provide. The quality of these amenities can directly influence how much people are willing to pay for your timeshare.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is essential to understand that these factors cannot predict what the future holds for your timeshare; thus, you may have to do that research separately. Also, if you feel this is time-consuming and want to make things easier, you could look up listings similar to yours, compare, and see if you can arrive at a fair market value.

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