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As an industry expert, Leave Timeshare understands that most – if not all – timeshare owners don’t like maintenance costs. Thankfully, there are a few tips that you can explore to either alleviate or ultimately offset your timeshare maintenance costs.

However, you must understand that maintenance costs are incurred to be paid, and of course, it is ever-increasing. Nonetheless, you can explore the strategies outlined in this article to offset the cost of your timeshare maintenance.
To ensure precision, we have categorized these strategies into two major methods:

  1. Basic techniques
  2. Advanced techniques

Basic Techniques

Below are the basic techniques that our experts have shown to help timeshare owners offset their timeshare maintenance fees:

  • Using the kitchen

Several timeshare owners seemingly forget that they can utilize the kitchen to its full length in most timeshare units. Of course, cooking isn’t a typical activity during vacations. Nonetheless, this can help you save money on alcohol, snacks, drinks, and other meals. Basically, utilizing your kitchen can help save you up to 50% of maintenance costs.

  • Battering services and goods

Another strategy to offset your maintenance costs as a timeshare owner is by exchanging some of your times for goods and services. We have seen several individuals trade their unused time for home repair, flooring, car repair, accounting, etc., services. Thankfully, there are a few websites that let traders trade everything, including goods and services. Although not every individual finds the barter system suitable for them, this strategy can help you recover up to 45% of maintenance fees.

  • Inviting family and friends

Bringing family and friends for your trips can help you save just enough money to cater to your maintenance fees. While you might not want to charge your friends and family for using your space, you should understand that whether it’s in use or otherwise, timeshare maintenance costs continue to run. Hence, this should guide you to know when to meter your charity. Unless your friends are broke, this strategy should save you up to 20% of maintenance costs.

Advanced Techniques

Below are the advanced techniques that our experts have shown to help timeshare owners offset their timeshare maintenance fees:

  • Timeshare rentals

This is an excellent way to recoup costs, especially if you have multiple points and weeks. You can consider renting out some of your points or weeks to save on maintenance costs. However, this strategy is somewhat tactical, considering the fact that you must be on top of your game to seal an excellent deal. First, ensure you book a primetime week at high destination areas for major holidays instead of renting random weeks. This scales your possibilities of getting better timeshare renters.

  • Conduct Business on Vacation

While this may sound somewhat ridiculous, it is yet another effective way to offset your timeshare maintenance fees. Conducting a business on vacation may include owning a rental property, a side business, or even an actual business. This can also help constructively in offering you added tax deductions.

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